Bloating is a terrible feeling and having suffered personally for many years I understand and feel the pain of my patients. I had tried various diets which were partially beneficial along with course of antibiotics. However, once I started taking Simply Biotic life is gotten much better. I have complete relief from bloating and abdominal cramps. The best part is that I can enjoy variety of foods like salads, ice cream which I had to avoid int the past.

To help patients with bloating I have been using an approach as highlighted in the equation above. As you can see it involves three actions taken together as detailed below

The foremost step is to choose the right diet. Bloating is a result of fermentation of food by the gut bacteria. Foods rich in fiber lead to more bloating. Hence, a Low Fiber diet and/or Low FODMAP are beneficial. This approach however needs to be avoided in patients who have constipation who might be benefiting from fiber intake. A detailed consultation with me in clinic will help to find the right diet for you.

2. Simply Biotic Probiotics
These probiotics are of highest quality and the best probiotic for women and men with 10 strains of bacteria (acidophilus, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) and a very high bacterial count ranging form 25 Billions CFUs to 50 Billion CFUs. I have formulated this product after years of research. The bacteria are in delayed release formation and escape the gastric acid to get released and colonize the small and large bowel.

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3. Antibiotics
Some of the patients can have bacterial bowel overgrowth, a condition in which the small bowel is overpopulated with bad bacteria leading to gas production. There are different antibiotics which can be used to kill the bad bacteria During consultation in clinic I will choose the right antibiotic for you.

Dr. Adi Malhotra (Founder of Simply Biotic)


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