I’m Adi Malhotra, a practicing gastroenterologist in the greater Houston area, and the founder of Simply Biotic and Simply Biotic Plus probiotics. As gastroenterologists, we come across our patients taking various kinds of probiotics. We have realized that most of the probiotics being consumed by our patients do not contain an adequate amount (measured by CFU) and number of bacterial strains. Hence, these sub-standard probiotics do not provide effective relief to the patients. We know the market is inundated with poor quality probiotics. Our patients are suffering, both physically and financially.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and the best probiotic for women and men. After diligently researching various formulations, we formed Simply Biotic and Simply Biotic Plus. Both the probiotics contain 10 unique strains of bacteria (acidophilus, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium). Simply Biotic plus contains 50 billion CFU compared to 25 billion CFU in Simply Biotic. Both these probiotics are the best probiotic available in the market, and have higher number of bacterial strains and CFU compared to market leaders.

Both of these probiotics, are vegetable “DR” Capsules (Delayed Release). This allows for the capsules to bypass the acid in the stomach and populate the bowels with the beneficial bacteria. The capsules contain no milk, no wheat and no soy product. The capsules are shelf stable, and do not need to be refrigerated. All these features make our product one of the best probiotic in the market.

As most of us know, probiotics are beneficial in reducing GI symptoms of IBS, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. Recent research is discovering various other health benefits of probiotics, beyond the gastrointestinal tract like for depression, boosting immune system to fight infections, and so forth.

Our experience with Simply Biotic and Simply Biotic plus has been amazing. Every day I hear stories of our patients being symptom free and able to carry on normal lives. Recently one of my patients who is a nurse called it her “life saver’. Make the right choice.

Simply Biotic probiotic can be ordered by phone 800-471-2596 or from the website


Dr. Adi Malhotra (Founder)

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