Finally, a definite statement from WHO today has declared that eating too much of processed red meat (bacon, sausage and hot dogs) has shown to increase the risk of colon cancer.

mcol-sausageA group of 22 scientists reviewed the evidence linking red meat and processed meat consumption to cancer, and concluded that eating processed meats regularly increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Their evidence review is explained in an article published in The Lancet.

The conclusion puts processed meats in the same category of cancer risk as tobacco smoking and asbestos.

As a gastroenterologist, this information is very important and we should make be making lifestyle changes to decrease intake of these foods. My son, who is 5 year old loves eating hot dogs, especially pork-beef.  After today, instead of just buying the regular hot dogs, I will be buying the white meat (chicken) wiener.

We know that “eating meat has known health benefits,” but the cancer risk increases with the amount of meat consumed. We should not take any extreme measure and stop eating meat at all, but  try to mix it up with seafood, vegetable and avoid eating excessive amounts of red and processed meats.

“Scientific evidence shows cancer is a complex disease not caused by single foods and we need to opt for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices that are essential to good health,”


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