Hepatitis-CuredThe idea treatment for Hepatitis C virus infection (genotype 1) is few months away. We expect to get FDA approval in October, 2014.

Phase II studies conducted with Sofusbuvir and Ledipasvir as one-pill treatment has shown cure rate close to 95% in all sub-populations of patients which include treatment naive, previous failed treatment, patients with underlying cirrhosis.

Why do we call “ideal treatment ” because

  1. Interferon free
  2. Simple One day-pill
  3. High success (95%) in all genotype and sub-populations
  4. Minimal to no side effects
  5. No treatment discontinuation.

In short, an extremely simple, safe, effective therapy for HCV infection has arrived.


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 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call my office 281-557-2527, and I would be more than happy to call you back and talk to you for free. I believe this is the least I can do to better the lives of people who are trying to find the right answers. 

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