As the picture shows Hiatal hernia is the opening around the scope. In anatomical terms it is herniation of the stomach in to the chest cavity.

Hiatal hernia are divided in to sliding and para-esophageal hernia

In this blog I will only discuss the sliding Hiatal hernia

Sliding Hiatal hernia is caused when the
diaphragmatic hiatus around the Junction of the esophagus and stomach opens up, letting stomach to move up in the chest. It’s the most common Hiatal hernia. Most of the cases the hernia is small and rarely leads to symptoms.

However in this case the size is large leading to ulceration and erosion in the wall of the stomach from shearing force. These lesions eventually lead to blood loss and anemia. Anemia was an easy fix for our patient with use of antacid for mucosal healing.

Treatment for hernia is surgical intervention. In our patient because of advanced age and medical condition surgery was not an option
I prefer well trained surgeon for my patients who can repair the hernia laproscopically

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