Even after so many years of performing colonoscopies, the biggest hurdle the gastroenterologists face is the Preparation needed to clean the colon.

The traditional Prep is GOLYTELY – a 4 liter solution that patients drink  to clean the colon. However, as most of us know it is not the just the volume that’s needed to drink but its taste, which is quite unpalatable. The only good thing about it is the – low cost. To overcome issues, multiple Preparations have come to the market but are expensive and still require at least 2 liters of volume.

Over the last few years, I have developed an approach of Prepping and cleaning patients the same day of the procedure with small volume Prep. I perform all my colonoscopies in the afternoon between 1 – 4 PM

Typically all my  patients drink 1 bottle of magnesium citrate followed by 1 liter of Golytely the morning of the procedure. They are even allowed to have clear liquids in mild amount 4 hours prior to colonoscopy. This helps to maintain hydration and preserve internal body milieu.

The main advantage it offers is excellent Prep quality with minimal fluid intake.

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