Over the last few years in private practice, I have used many devices like, snare, roth net, forceps to retrieve various foreign bodies (coins, batteries, pill casing) from the esophagus and stomach and rarely rectum.

The most common foreign body that I retrieve is Food stuck in the esophagus. The food is either stuck because of mechanical obstruction – stricture, ring or from mucosal disease caused by  eosinophilic esophagitis.

Removal of food from esophagus could be a slow and tedious process because the devices have a small grasp and food breaks into smaller pieces on trying to pull it through the esophagus. Recently I have been impressed by a newer device that I used for a first time for a removal of large amount of chicken which was stuck for 3 days.

After removal of the food bolus, I shot a video of how the Talon grasping device removed large amounts of food stuck in esophagus for 3 day


Click to watch the video : IMG_3929

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