I have been wanting to update the blog with my experience of using Harvoni. As the title suggests it is truly a “Magical pill”. So far, I have treated more than 30 patients with 100% success. To our knowledge and data shared on the specialty pharmacy I rank in the top 3 providers for HCV treatment. I have always taken pride in the providing the best treatment for liver disease, be it alcohol related, fatty liver disease or hepatitis C.

Most of my patients have acquired HCV when they were young (IV drugs, tattoos, transfusion related) and lived their live’s with a stigma of being contagious. It is heartening to see the tears of joy and relief in their eyes, when they hear the words  “cured”  of HCV from me.  To them it is a victory after decades of living under threat of dying from cirrhosis or liver cancer. The imminent threat is gone, and they feel like a new person.

I would like to share and highlight some points :

  • Harvoni is once a day oral pill for 3 month treatment.
  • All insurances cover the treatment based on lab parameters
  • Very rare side effects – fatigue , lethary
  • Close to 100% eradication rate.

Please call us if we can assist you in achieving cure for hepatitis C.

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Dr. A. Malhotra

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